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They will greet guests like Christ RB

Hospitality constitutes a service proper to Benedictine monks, since monasteries are centers of Christian life. Every day more and more men turn to monasteries to find a framework of prayer, help and fraternal charity where they can meet God again. 




We hope you benefit from the time you spend in the monastery and for this reason the minimum stay is two days. It takes time to calm down from the hectic pace of life and get into the monastic rhythm.


As monks we open our doors and our hearts to all people who want to meet God, who come to cultivate their inner life, share the monastic liturgy and respect the peace of the monks and other guests.




At the service of our guests will be the host who will receive you when you arrive at the monastery and will be at your service making sure that you are comfortable and at ease. 
Everything you need you can request from him. 

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All our accommodations are quite simple and are limited to adults, yes, they have a great view. 
The rooms have a bed and a desk to read or meditate. We provide you with all the bedding and towels during your stay. If you are cold, ask the host to provide you with an extra blanket.

Guests can also take advantage of the common areas for reading, to prepare tea or coffee and to take reading books from the hostel's library. These books are at your disposal, use them and return them in the same condition that you found them so that they can be used by other guests.




We offer meals to all our guests.
The men will take their meals in the refectory (dining room of the monks), while the women will take it in the dining room of the inn that the monk in charge will take them.

We ask for punctuality for meals so you have to be five minutes before the indicated time. If you plan not to eat any food, inform the host. The food we offer is simple and frugal, as it is that of the monks' kitchen. If you have problems with any food, we ask you to bring your own food that you can store in the refrigerator and heat it in the microwave.

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Guests are free to walk in those places that the monks do not consider private. The host will tell you which are the places reserved for the monks. 

You can walk, read, meditate ... through the Hospedería park as well as through the olive groves. Contact with nature shows us the Creator and seizes us.

The Church is open a few minutes before the Vigil Service (night prayer) which begins at 4:20 and closes after Compline.

The refectory (dining room of the monks) in which the male guests eat is open at meal times.

The monastic shop, in case you want to buy some of the products made by the monks, is open from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. from Monday to Saturday and after mass on Sundays. You can access it through the goal. Visit the site to know our products, click here




Our monastic inn is not a hotel, but it aims to provide an adequate service for the aforementioned objectives. It has 8 rooms for men and 5 rooms for women. 

The price that the host will inform you when you write includes full board and bed linen and towels.

To get to the monastery you can come in your car that you can protect within the monastery facilities or by public transport.  


If you want to see how to get there, click here

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The monks enjoy when the people who visit us  they participate in our prayers and benefit from the atmosphere of solitude, silence and recollection that we can offer them. And even more so when, within our limitations, we can help them heal the wounds that they carry inside. But we reserve the right to refuse any reservation or request guests to leave when they do not comply with the given directions or informed guidelines. 

To reserve write to:
Hospedería of men:
Hospederia de mujeres:

We hope you make your reservation to be our guest.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask by sending an email to the host.


Hospitality lived in a spirit of faith is a source of grace for both the guest and the community.
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