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Mass is the most important moment of our day. Everything springs from her and tends towards her. When the Word of God is proclaimed in it, the LECTIO DIVINA is lived in its maximum expression, when in it the same bread is communicated, COMMUNION is lived in its maximum expression in community life, when in it they are sung and they recite the prayers, in this the whole PRAYER LIFE OF THE MONK, his private prayer and the official liturgical prayer of the Church are concentrated.

Saint Benedict, as Saint Gregory tells us, died in the oratory of the Montecassino monastery, with his hands raised to heaven in prayer, supported by the brothers, and having communicated the Body and Blood of Christ. Thus, the Eucharistic conclusion of his life gives monastic life a strong mark in this sense. In fact, it was in medieval monasteries where the love for the daily Eucharist began to develop, since in ancient times Mass was only celebrated on some days of the week.

Every day at dawn, after having already prayed Vigils and Lauds, we gather to celebrate the Lord's Supper together. The monastic celebration has certain particular characteristics: it is calm, slow and entirely sung. On Sundays, the Lord's Day, the center of the day is occupied by the conventual celebration of Holy Mass, which is attended by many faithful who wish to celebrate with us.

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